Our Story

At Lemdeena Home, connections and craftsmanship motivate us every day. Lemdeena goods fuse modern aesthetics with artisan tradition, quality, and care. We are a small company with humble origins and a commitment to business that benefits everyone. We celebrate and cherish our roots, and aim to sustain the homespun traditions that inspire us to create a better future. Every item we sell has a story, a connection to the people who designed and created it. These connections are woven into the fabric of our business, and have inspired us since the beginning.

Our story started in the hometown of one of our founders, a village in Tunisia rich with artisan history called Sajnane. Berber women in Sajnane are known for their excellent weaving, and their traditional pottery skills are inscribed on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.Lemdeena began with the idea of creating a business built on fair partnerships with the Berber women in Sajnane. We envisioned a business that would give Sajnane Berber artisans a modern and fair way to expand their opportunities and sustain their heritage. Then and now, we believe in business that lifts people up; we strive to offer handmade and inspired crafts that spark joy and benefit the people who create them. We pay our Berber crafters the prices they set for each product, and they also receive 10% of the profit we make. At Lemdeena Home our idea of a successful business is business that truly serves everyone involved in the process. As we’ve grown, we’ve made sure that all of our partners have the same uncompromising commitment to ethical business, sustainability, and quality that we do. Know that when you shop with us, you are helping keep traditional craft and culture alive and supporting business with a heart. So go ahead, enrich your senses and discover our treasures.


Lemdeena Home

Chmissa, a Sajnane Berber potter for Lemdeena

Picture: Chmissa, A Berber Potter for Lemdeena from Sajnane